STELLA JONES is a certified Trainer (System Cert), certified Vocal & Stage Coach, Instructor of Jazz, Pop & Urban Gospel History,  Personal & Business Coach (Systemic Coaching), certified Sound Healer & Sound Energetics Teacher, Trainer of Communications, Trainer of Presentation Techniques and Performing Arts.

She studied Performing Arts, Jazz Music, Germanic Philology, History, Ancient Mythologies, Astrotheology, Systemic Coaching & Business Trainer for Trainers, Human Design and speaks several languages.

Stella Jones developed a fresh new program VSC-Systemic Vocal & Stage Coaching where the coachees are helped to connect the dots to see a bigger picture and expressing their true nature. Our mind and our body is also going through circles and Stella Jones is using The Holy Science Astrology to visualising those circles.
VSC-Systemic Vocal & Stage Coaching is a holistic program to develop balance in your body-mind- spirit connection by stepping into the creative powers. It is one of the best programs to sharpen your intuition and to take an uplifting approach to life. Care, compassion and love come as a result of a conscious decision to dedicate your creativity to a higher vision.

VSC is an innovativ new endeavor to look at specific topics of your life in a fresh and uplifting way.
VSC is adapted for Kids, Teens and Adults and used for one to one sessions as well as for larger groups like companies where the employees lern new ways of team building while experiencing creativity in action.
VSC is to enhance Vocal Abilities, Performance and Body Language to develop proper performances as a Moderator, Team Leader or being carismatic on Stage. It is embedding Physiology, Posture, Breathing & Breath Support, Sound Production, Phonation, Resonance, Projection, Articulation, Interpretation, Coordination, Exercising, Pedagogical Philosophy, Range Extension, Vocal Health, Vocal Styles (Vibrato, Belt, Art Song), Vocal Timbre, Linguistics, Speech Pathology, Pitches, Phonetics, Voice Classification, Performance Skills, General Music Studies, etc.
Stella Jones developed various tools to enhance the vocal and physical abilities which effect is shown in high level stage performances. While looking through the many layers of non verbal communication skills are getting promoted to gain personal aims that leed to a higher self confidence and implements a broader life perspective.


VOICE COACHING is all about finding your own personal tone by fine tuning and balancing your natural vocal abilities. Voice Coaching is a step by step program involving various topics such like vocal training, aural training, breathing techniques, singing techniques, vocal skills, speech acquisition, music theory and much more.

VOCAL & STAGE COACHING is a Performing Arts based program to help you to step into your own power and to find a way to express your inner world of creativity. Various tools help to increase your musical capacity and lead up to your vocal abilities. While extending your body language by focussing on the essence in communication you will reach a higher level of performance to take a step up in show business. Vocal & Stage Coaching is for kids, teens and adults who would like to improve their skills and to get prepared for TV Shows, Castings, Concerts, Theatrical Plays and Musicals.

LIFE COACHING is all about finding your personal power in times of flux and change. By changing your conversation in your head you will see a bigger picture while understanding your path of growth. Get a glimpse of a possible beginning to move forward in life with the most important feeling of self value.

SYSTEMIC COACHING was developed to setting goals in your daily life and enhance your performance in business matters. Making sure what you really want is key to fundamental change and make way  to learn to overcoming habits that no longer serve you. See your enhancing path clearly and walk proudly towards joy, happiness and inner peace.

SOUND HEALING has been utilized in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for healing and to move us from a place of imbalance to a place of balance. Various techniques are used from like voice, drumming, tuning forks and Himalayan singing bowls as well as using of mantras with the Hindis, the medicine melodies of indigenous people from Central and South America up to Pythagoras` use of interval and frequency. Sound healing is helping to shift perspectives, inducing relaxation and clear away energetic blockages areas from the physical and subtle bodies.

ENERGETIC HEALING is a wonderful way to connect with your body, your spirit and your mind. It offers help during the healing process by clearing blocks in the energy fields, restores your energetic level and heals deep emotional wounds. Step into the various soothing topics of Energetic Healing and discover the many blessings that bring awareness, a boost of energy and tremendous progress in life.

CRYSTAL HEALING is one of many topics used in the realm of energetic healing techniques that brings more clearity, aboundance, self confidence and clearity. Crystal healing brings a deeper understanding in a process of growth and shows different ways that lead to your benefit. Find out about your possibilities in life while igniting joy, engagement and creativity.

COLOR HEALING is focused on the balancing work with colors that affect our moods and is reflected on our emotions. Colors hold various spectrums of frequencies and influence our well being as well as our perception of life. Healing work is often supplemented with Color healing where specific color rays are directed into the patient`s aura and body chakras to gain more understanding and improvement while creating a daily life balance.

MENTAL CLEARING is the gentle approach to the practice of bringing awareness to our mental and emotional compulsions and reactions in order to heal and integrate them. The key is embracing and expressing emotions in a creative way to overcome past circumstances and transforming mental clutter into useful step stones on the way of our personal growth. Mental Clearing helps to get out of stuck situations, relieves from past issues and clears the way to achieve a higher mental power.

CHAKRA CLEARING is the balancing work with the chakra systems which are energetic fields in our body and rotate in different ways through the nadis. The chakra wheels function as a receiver and transformer of the various forms of prana in balance, when the harmony is distorted the body shows signs in energy anomaly and colors that are associated with the chakras that are seen in the energy field of the body. Chakra clearing leads to a balanced daily life base, harmony and empowerment.


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