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STELLA JONES  is the daughter of bebop trumpet player Carmell Jones and Fluxus artist & blues singer Christine Jones. Born in Berlin she grew up surrounded by well-known artists, started to play piano age five and performed her first public concert on stage at age seven.

She was entitled „Miss Black Voice“  and is known as a Jazz, Pop, Funk & Soul, and Gospel Singer. She works with international stars such as Helene Fischer, Otto Waalkes, Katrina & The Waves, Taylor Dayne, Maceo Parker, Gloria Gaynor, Nina Hagen, Marianne Faithful, Omara Portuondo, Chaka Khan, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, VSOP, Wolfgang Ambros, Rainhard Fendrich , Count Basic, Bill Ramsey, Udo Jürgens, and many more.

Stella Jones represented Austria at Eurovision Songcontest in 1995 and was chosen as support act for superstars such as Tokio Hotel, Otto Waalkes, Lisa Stansfield and Simply Red.

She is also one of the two first Austrian female singers to be included in the MTV Unplugged series, created in summer 2016 in collaboration with Andreas Gabalier, Xavier Naidoo, Gregor Meyle, Max Giesinger, Hip Hop Formation 257 and Anna Netrebko.

Stella Jones is a certified Trainer (System Cert), certified Vocal & Stage Coach, Instructor of Jazz, Pop & Urban Gospel History,  Personal & Business Coach (Systemic Coaching), certified Sound Healer & Sound Energetics Teacher, Trainer of Communications, Trainer of Presentation Techniques and Performing Arts.

At age fifteen Stella Jones started to work professionally in the entertainment industry. She represented Austria twice at the European Songcontest and worked with international artists like Sir Jam (Rapper of Prince), Chaka Khan, Gloria Gaynor, Nina Hagen, Omara Portuondo, Marianne Faithful, Katrina & The Waves, Taylor Dayne, Maceo Parker, VSOP, Udo Jürgens, Bill Ramsey, Helene Fischer and many more. Stella Jones is also seen as the support act for various Artists & Bands like Tokio Hotel, Otto Waalkes, Lisa Stansfield and Simply Red.

Known as a lead singer of a number of different bands she is touring throughout the year with her several music formations.

Stella Jones is also the producer of several Children`s Musicals, Music Albums, and Audio Books and studied Performing Arts, Jazz Music, History, Germanic Philology, Astrotheology and Ancient Mythologies which various philosophies are reflected in her entire Musical and Visual Art Work.

In 2012 Stella Jones founded VSC- Vocal & Stage Coaching which various techniques derive out of the science of systemic coaching. It combines the three main topics of performing arts with the achievements of the academic discipline of psychology.

Stella started her Musical Theater Career at the age of 15 when she got her first role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Stella Jones played many first cast roles in international Musical Productions like Crazy Weekend, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mozartmania, Rent, Ain`t Misbehavin‘, Little Shop of Horrors, Carmen Cubana and many more.

With the formation Powerpack (Erwin Kienast, Norman Weixelbaum) and the title Birthday Song, Stella Jones had her first number one song in the Austrian hit parade in 1992.

In 1995, Stella Jones represented Austria with the song „Die Welt dreht sich verkehrt“ (composition: Mischa Krausz) at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. In the same year, she released her first album under the title „Thunder“.

In 1996 Stella Jones was together with Georg Nussbaumer at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with the song „Weil`s dr guat got“.

Stella Jones has worked with many international stars like Wolfgang Ambros, Rainer Fendrich, Wolfgang Ambros, Helene Fischer, Andreas Gabalier, Xavier Naidoo, Chaka Khan, Omara Portuondo, Nina Hagen, Marianne Faithful, Katrina & The Waves, Chaka Khan, Sir Jam (Rapper of Prince and the NPG), Count Basic, Alkbottle, Bingoboys, Hot Pants Road Club, VSOP, Boris Bukowski and many more well known artists.

She collaborates with numerous TV and promotional productions like ORF, and trains international singers who are participating in DSDS and The Voice, produces audio books and children’s musicals, works as a musical director and chairwoman as well as a systemic coach and trainer for business companies.

Since 2001 Stella Jones is the musical director of the international known Gospel Groups „American Christmas Gospel“ and „Stella Jones & The American Gospel Singers“ with which she is touring every year for 2 months across Europe during the winter season.

In 2008 Stella Jones produced her first solo album, THE PURSUIT OF SILENCE. The recording of the tracks included Willi Langer on the bass, Dieter Kolbeck on piano, Gerald Schuller on keyboards, Luis Ribeiro on the percussions, Martin Fuss on saxophone/flute, Josef Burchartz on trumpet, Christian Radovan on trombones, Pedro Tagliani on guitar and Thomas Lang on drums.

In 2012, her second solo album, MAYA-MYSTIC ANCIENT YEARNING ASTRONAUT, appeared with international musicians such as Manu Delago (Hang), Thomas Lang (drums), Pedro Tagliani (guitar), Armin Doppelbauer (vocals), Christoph Stöhr (Beat Box) and MC Stimulus (RAP).

In 2016 Stella Jones produced her third solo double album DREAMSPACE EARTH, in which she musically reveals and translates mythological traditions of three continents. In the same year, she released her singing tutorial SINGING WITH THE STARS in collaboration with the Doblinger Verlag.

2017 and 2018 were notable concerts years where Stella was touring across Europe with MTV Unplugged & Andreas Gabalier. In the Wintertime she was touring with her Gospelformations through Austria and the Czech Republic.

In late 2018 her fourth album „Songs 4 my Mother CHRISTINE“ was released.

Stella will be on tour also the entire year of  2019 including worldwide video shootings for her latest Album „Songs 4 my Mother CHRISTINE“.

Here you find the CONCERTS

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Show Case



26.January – Ärzteball, Hofburg Vienna

01. February – Andreas Gabalier, Opernball Dresden

12.February – 27.February Video Production, Caribbean Sea

28.February – Josef Burchartz feat.Stella Jones, Opernball Vienna

08.March – World Womans Day feat. Stella Jones, Vienna

16.March – Ball des Sports feat. Stella Jones, Rathaus Vienna

21.March –  VIP Event feat. Stella Jones, Residenz Salzburg

03.March – Josef Burchartz feat. Stella Jones, Kultur Gewölb`Feldpichl

09.April – CD Präsentation, Haus der Musik, Vienna

13.April – 23. April Concert Tour, USA

28.April – 5.Mai Sea Cruise, Andreas Gabalier, MSC

25.May – Andreas Gabalier, Bruneck

01.June – Andreas Gabalier, Frankfurt

08. June – Andreas Gabalier, Berlin

09. June – Andreas Gabalier, Berlin

15.June –  Andreas Gabalier München

22.June – Andreas Gabalier, Hamburg

29.June – Andreas Gabalier, Stuttgart

06.July – Andreas Gabalier, Gelsenkirchen

12.July – HFB feat. Stella Jones, Gamlitz

13.July – Andreas Gabalier, Nürnberg

17.August – Andreas Gabalier, Kitzbühel

24.August – Andreas Gabalier, Schladming

31.August – Andreas Gabalier, Vienna


30.November – Gospel with Stella Jones, Krems

12.December – Stella Jones Christmas Concert, Linz

13. December – Amercian Christmas Gospel, Votivchurch

14. December – Amercian Christmas Gospel, Votivchurch

15.December – Stella Jones & The Christmas Gospel Singers, Guntramsdorf

19.December – Stella Jones Gospelconcert, Prague

20.December – Stella Jones Gospelconcert, Prague

21.December – Stella Jones Gospelconcert, Bühne im Gericht, Neulengbach

22.December – Amercian Christmas Gospel, Votivchurch

23.December – Stella Jones Gospelconcert, Brno

Workshops & Academy

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EXPLORE new horizons and move smoothly through times of transitions!

Step into your own power and get ready for your unique creative journey.

All you need to do is to express yourself in your own unique style and the willingness to share the tools that have been given to you to make this world an electric experience.

While combining the limitless skills of the performing arts you will discover your true nature and you will get connected to the universal orchestra that is guiding each one of us to bring us to higher horizons.

The main ingredients of the Vocal & Stage Academy are joy, fun, passion, love, music, movement, the rhythm of life, amazement, openness, freshness, juicy new ideas, loyalty, heartfelt friendships and a new way of living and celebrating life.

THE POWER OF YOUR VOICE and what it takes to discover Your Own Inner Voices!

Every day we interact with a lot of people.

Our voice is the most important tool to express our dreams, our wishes, our goals and our emotions.

Communication is key in every situation, we talk to people, we even speak to our pets, we talk to ourselves to make our inner world understandable to others while creating a place to feel save, secure and accepted.

There is power in the voice and it is the expression tool of our needs to communicate on all fronts.

We need to be heard. We are naturally curious, we care for each other and we love to interact with life and all living creatures.

Your voice shows your own unique personal note that hides the vibration you are mentally living in. The way you talk gives a hint how you subconsciously manage your thinking patterns and your unique vibrational frequenz is responsible if someone near you likes to stay or would rather look for a more comfortable place.

A trained coach or musician can hear many layers in your voice like joy, happiness or fear and also the social conditions are detectable as well as diseases that can be easily spotted by listening very carefully.

What are the Benefits of Singing every day?

Well, to start with passion, love, joy, happiness, persistence, mental strength, health, resilience, abundance, creativity, beautiful relationships, friendships laughter, power, and self-awareness I would say that there are just positive inputs.

There is a power within your voice.

So take a leap and step into the benefits of singing every day.

Discover your own guidance system to get ready for your unique creative journey.

All you need to do is to find your platform to express yourself.

If you need help I am here for you and I will pick you up wherever you stand in your life.

Why singing every day?

There is a power within your voice.

So take a leap and step into the benefits of singing every day.

Discover your own guidance system to get ready for your unique creative journey.

All you need to do is to find your platform to express yourself.

If you need help I am here for you and I will pick you up wherever you stand in your life.

The Benefits

Well, to start with passion, love, joy, happiness, persistence, mental strength, health, resilience, abundance, creativity, beautiful relationships, friendships laughter, power, and self-awareness I would say that there are just positive inputs.

Why choose me as a trainer?

Well, my musical influence started way before becoming a professional singer and musician. I was born into an artist family and I grew up surrounded by famous musicians and artists. When five years old I started singing and studied classical piano and with age nine I started playing jazz piano. My first appearance on stage was with my mom at age seven and then it became clear to me that I would go into the entertainment business one day. I finished school, studied at university and besides studying I was already performing every evening on stage and was working as Vocal & Stage Coach after university. I studied the performing arts (dance, act, sing) and am working throughout my entire life with many international stars and artists from all over the world.

I have a degree in singing, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, and various diplomas of other kinds.

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